Hello and welcome.

My name is Marcus B. Thomas.

I am one of the less than 2% of British Children's Authors of colour.

I have been an Early Years teacher for over 10 years, and I am from South East London.


With a jamaican heritage, Marcus B. Thomas alias The Black Children Author; is an early years teacher and black children's author from South East London. The Black Children Author has been working closely in the realm of music and writing meeting many talents along the way.
The Black Children Author makes use of rhymes in his stories. He develops them through working with young children in nurseries and preschool’s developing his narratives from real-life experiences, building them collaboratively with the children. One of his biggest inspirations was noticing the lack of representation for people of colour among children books and although he makes books for every child and parents to enjoy the push for children of colour to see themselves in all genres has never been more important.
In addition to his writing, The Black Children Author is hoping to add some musical components to his work via live performances, podcasts and events, creating an element of playfulness and interactivity to enhance the children’s experience of his storytelling.

This website is a place for him to share some audio experiments and other news and writing.
The Black Children Author is one of the less than 2% of British Children's Authors of colour. He is working on building a platform for others to join, meet and feel empowered to change power dynamics and demographics in children's literature and in the children's publishing industries.


You can reach The Black Children Author on marcusthomas[@]live.co.uk
and on instagram @theblackchildrenauthor